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Pastor Luke and TJ St. Clair

Pastor Griffis attended Jackson College of Ministries where he met his wife Terri. He has served at several churches in various capacities and evangelized prior to fulfilling the role of Senior Pastor at CAC Louisville. His wife, Terri, is an integral part of the ministry team, while also fulfilling the role of First lady at CAC with class and grace. They are the proud parents of Merritt, the Youth Pastor at CAC, and their daughter Madison.

Pastor Griffis is a student of God’s Word and is passionate when communicating its timeless truths. He currently serves on the Board of Hope Source International Inc., a nonprofit organization at work in the country of Haiti. Pastor Griffis is an avid reader and he enjoys hunting and fishing.

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Danny St. Clair


Pastoral Assistant

Jordon Frye


Team Leaders



Worship Team

TJ St.Clair

Team Department Leaders

Creative Team

Sean Webb
Sound Director

Boaz Escobar
Media Director

Jordon Frye
Strategic Communications Director

First Impressions Team

Odell Tyner
First Contact Director

Tom Hogan
Parking Director

Angelica Erickson
Ushers Director

Angelica Erickson
Second Contact Director

Operations Team

Julee Chiccine
Cleaning Director

Tom Hogan
Building Maintenance Director

Angelica Erickson
Event Staff Director

Angelica Erickson
Service Staff Director

Worship Team

Jordon Frye
Band Director

TJ St.Clair
Vocal Director

TJ St.Clair
Choir Director

Ministry Leaders


Children’s Ministry

Keith Haney

Youth Ministries

Wendell and Morgan Evans


College and Career

Jordon and Katlyn Frye